WARNING: Don’t even think about buying another tribulus or herbal testosterone booster until you read this…

An Open Letter To Every Bodybuilder Who Secretly Believes That Most Tribulus Supplements Are Garbage…

This is a no-holds-barred report that exposes the shocking supplement scandal that has been happening for over two decades…Read on, if you are curious about what’s really happening behind closed-doors in the supplement labs…

MEMO FROM: Warren Hopper – CEO LG Sciences

DATE: Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Dear Friends:

In a few minutes I hope to make you so pissed off, you just might throw a dumbell through the wall.

There’s a deceptive scandal going on with tribulus supplements today. It’s a scandal that, if you are like most guys I know, is cheating you out of your heard earned money and worse, robbing you of the serious gains and major results you deserve and you should be getting from every workout.

It’s an absolute mess. If you are using any tribulus supplements now or are even thinking about using any testosterone boosting herbals then you need to hear everything I am going to share with you. It’s that important.

Now, maybe I need to remind you who we are. It may help to understand why I am sharing this astonishing story I am about to tell you.

My name is Warren Hopper, and I’ve been in the bodybuilding industry for over 10 years… I’m close friends with guys who have won contests and broken strength records. I have worked with guys who are top drug free competitors. My biochemists are sought after by the top competitors for their knowledge.

Fifteen years ago, I started experimented with sports supplements on the market. I kept close track of the market leaders and what the results were and guess what? Although a few supplements worked a little bit, most were totally useless. Especially back then…

One supplement did work at boosting testosterone and building muscle. Sadly, it’s gone…

Of all the garbage products on the market, one Tribulus product did have a nice clean testosterone boosting effect that I could feel. Since then, no other Tribulus product has done squat for me. No testosterone boost, no alpha male feeling and certainly no muscle gain. One product did work, but sadly…

The only Tribulus product that ever worked is long gone…

There is one and only one reason for this problem. True Tribulus doesn’t exist any more. The original stuff was direct from Bulgaria, not China and wasn’t 30% protodioscin or 40% protodioscin like the garbage being sold today. True Bulgarian Tribulus is gone and you’ll never see it on the market again.

Even sites claiming to sell pure Bulgarian Tribulus are suspect, since the flood of cheap, Chinese tribulus is so easy to get. I am sure the poor supplement companies pushing this crap believe that they are selling REAL Tribulus, but the chances of that are as good as finding a desert in Alaska.

That’s why countless studies contradict the Bulgarian research and show absolutely no testosterone boosting effect from Tribulus. Respected universities have done tests on Tribulus, in humans and guess what?

Tribulus testosterone boosting effect was NADA, nothing, squatola…

This cheap Tribulus is everywhere and the real stuff is gone. The company I used to use doesn’t sell it any more because they know that REAL, Tribulus is no where to be found. Don’t buy another Tribulus supplement ever again because you are throwing your money down the toilet.

I’ve tried and the fact is that I got burned bad. I probably lost thousands of dollars, possibly even tens of thousands of and I will bet you dollars to donuts that you have been burned too in the supplement game.

Heck, I think every up and coming natural bodybuilder has been cheated because there is so much crap out there and no real Tribulus left on the market. It’s frustrating.

Yet, if you are a natural athlete, not ready for a steroid hormone or to go the illegal route, you need a serious product that will boost testosterone and act like testosterone without making you test positive. In an average workout you are missing out if you aren’t at your peak testosterone levels.

In a breakthrough workout, where you are really going for maximum gains, you are literally missing out on pounds of muscle because your testosterone is not at super-human levels. A good testosterone booster will help, but for the big gains you will need something more…but how to do find something more without using a steroid?

It’s a scandal!

The most recent Muscular Development has over 50 pages of advertisements for testosterone boosting supplements and they all claim that they are great for building muscle and increasing testosterone.

I’m no genius, but I know that they can’t all be the best at boosting testosterone and sex drive.

What’s more, through my personal wallet-emptying experience with enough test boosting herbal supplements to fill a warehouse, I know none of them are close to being effective testosterone boosters. Even the most popular from famous brands don’t deliver.

You should know that I’ve had my scientists go deep behind the scenes with decades of experience on every level of supplement development, formulation and research.

I can state with absolute confidence, based on my personal experience that about 95% of the herbal products on the market do not meet the standards I set for my own supplements.

I am not going to be a human guinea pig for cheap Chinese tribulus manufacturers that don’t care about serious natural bodybuilders.

Neither should you! Bodybuilders, especially natural ones deserve the best supplements that work. Supplements that give them all the advantages of the “dark side” without turning to illegal performance enhancers. Natural bodybuilders deserve something totally natural that will give them a real advantage!

Let’s focus on herbal testosterone products. Specifically, what’s the best ingredients for giving you massive gains

Let me tell you it’s not garbage Chinese Tribulus or even the people who think that they are selling real Tribulus from Bulgaria. It’s time to blow the lid off these lousy herbal products that claim to act like steroids or boost testosterone.

These products don’t work. Period…

What Are The Best Ingredients Out There Right Now For A Natural Guy?

During the course of my career, I had the good fortune of meeting Seth Roberts. He’s a steroid guru, author of “anabolic pharmacology” and just about the smartest guy I’ve ever met when it comes to supplements. He introduced me to a totally new class of ingredients that is changing the game. They allow people to exceed their previous athletic performance without the negative effects of using illegal substances or even legal steroid hormones.

These ingredients are called: Herbal Testosterone, pSARMs and Adaptogens.

And you might be asking yourself “Whoa, gee, man…Is that more of the same?” And of course its not. There’s crappy Chinese Tribulus and then there’s stuff that has real data behind it.

Why Is This The Greatest Supplement Ever Produced For The Natural Athlete?

These herbal ingredients have real data showing that they are effective. Sure, the data is from preliminary studies, but the anecdotal reports were so compelling we needed to bring this to the bodybuilding community’s attention.

If you want to duplicate the effects of testosterone, you need to hit all of the pathways! This combination of ingredients will leave you feeling rock hard and more dense then ever before. Let’s look at the ingredients and what they may be doing in the bodybuilder.

* Curculigo orchioides – this herb may boost your natural androgens which is traditionally what is supposedly done with Tribulus. It may also increase sexual performance and erections. Another benefit claimed by other products. This one does have the science though to make that claim.

* Hibiscus Rosa Sinesis – this herbal may act like testosterone via the pSARM mechanism.

* Tinospora cordifolia – this herb is the crown jewel because in preliminary studies, Tinospora has actually been shown to replace testosterone, meaning it may just act like testosterone at the androgen receptor.

* Cissus quadrangularis – we didn’t introduce this herbal to bodybuilders, but the anecdotal reports are that it is just about the best adaptogen on the market.

What Can You Expect When You Start Taking This?

First off, you’ll experience increased muscle density and maybe some aggression. Depending on your natural hormone levels you will get a range of effects that may in fact feel like something illegal. So, if you first take it and think “Whoa, that is potent sh*t”, that’s just an indication of how badly you need to get your androgens up to baseline.

Also, you might experience a little more aggression than usual. This is normal and should be expected. Don’t let that new found confidence get to your head and start picking fights or going after chicks out of your league. ;) You’ll get to that after the cycle.

By week two, you are noticing the effects and other people are seeing the changes in density and fullness. They might be asking you if you are “on something”. This density is going to stay with you, so enjoy how it feels!

At the end of week three, you might be pushing up weights like never before, hitting personal bests on every exercise.

By week four, you are in the zone and pounding out the weight like never before. You will see and feel the difference in your body. People will certainly be making comments about you and not all of them will be nice. Many guys here snide comments about “not being natural” as they destroy the gym. You might be telling your friends “get on the Nata-D dude, it’s that good”.

So Strong You Need PCT?

Yeah, we recommend using our Formadrol Extreme for PCT. It’s not absolutely necessary, but the strong nature of this product means you will want to kick start your natural production immediately after taking Natadrol.

Preliminary studies show how Formadrol may ensure that your natural test levels are as high as humanly possible. You’ll want this after taking Natadrol. Remember this IS NOT a testosterone booster like Tribulus, it’s a full fledged steroid replacement. That means like the illegal stuff, you will want to use something for PCT.

If You Don’t Want To Workout And at Right, Then Don’t Take This Supplement!

Yeah, I said it again. We don’t want the customer that expects a supplement to do all of the work for you. If you are going to make ANY supplement, hell even illegal drugs, work you are going to need to workout like a beast and eat right. That means 1g of protein at least per pound of body weight. You will here me and my boys say this a lot. We don’t want the average customer, we want the guy who has the hunger. The guy who wants to sit around, eat shitty food and bitch can have the Tribulus. We don’t have a lot of this material to spare, so if you are not going to step up, give your bottle to someone else.


Warren Hopper


LG Sciences LLC